DAIHATSU Tant Door lock solenoid DBA-L375S

DAIHATSU Tant Door lock solenoid DBA-L375S

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DAIHATSU Tant Door lock solenoid DBA-L375S

Our Stock No: 000002115664550
Year: 2008/03
Name: Tant
Model Other : カスタムX
Model Code: DBA-L375S
Full Model Code: L375S-GPVF
Chassis: L375S-0039972
2WD ? / 4WD ? : ---- This Parts from 2WD
Km : 58434
Color No : W24
Interior Color No: FJ10

Engine Model : KF-VE
Engine Info1: 0
Engine No :
Engine Info 2: DOHC EFI
Engine Size or cc : 660

All Engines are passed compression Test .

Transmission info : AT4,4DT
Genuine parts No: 69150-B2040
Lens or other info: バックドア,ミツイ,D87.DR LOCK.L2

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